Wednesday, November 10, 2010

What's the difference between a fisher, weasel, polecat, stoat, ermine, ferret, genet, mink, marten, sable, goshawk, serval, caracal, and wolverine?

I happened to be surfing YouTube the other day and I came across some interesting home videos of a ferret as a pet, and of the tiny stoat who lives off attacking & killing the much larger rabbit.  That let to finding more and more related links to other similar animals -- all relatively small, scurrying, furry, cute but kinda nasty busybodies.  I see some difference in size, agility, color, etc -- but are they all related? 

Luckily I discovered someone else wrote a whole book on the problem...  "This Is Not a Weasel" by Philip Mortenson

It's on my reading wish list