Saturday, September 11, 2010

Lisa's school

Lisa re-started school after taking a well-deserved a summer off ("off" is relative -- she still worked awfully hard!) For her MBA degree at Roosevelt Univesity this term on Saturday at Schaumburg, she is taking a finance course. She loves the small class of 14 students, and the instructor – a petit but sharp lady who knows how to teach, is colorful, and demands hard work from the students!

Lisa’s work demands a lot of her time, so she has been taking one course per term. Her ETA for completion is 2012! Her concentration is international business.

I’m so proud of her – and it’s nice when we have study-buddy sessions together -- usually either at her work office at Johnson Controls in Oak Brook (my old work spot too!) or at the Elmhurst Library (map) a new & confortable building which we both like (I even delivered a speech that mentioned Elmhurst).

Go for it Lisa, you can do it!!  Stephan